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1 90 CHAP. VIII. with all other idolaters ; which when onum. z ' z they didnot, but o coupled theinrelues 2,3 ,&c. with Baalpeor the God of the Moabites, pHof9,10. & p feparated théfelues unto that Shame, q Prat. io6, and did care the facrifices of q the dead : 28,2). &c. theplague ofGod brake out upon them, and there fell of the 'ifraelites inone day r Num.2,,P r four and twentie thouiànd; euen everic man that followed Baal-peor the Lord sf?eut.4,3. defiroyed chin: fromamong his people. I f. And in no better accounte were the idols and voluntarie Cervices of the Ifraelites themfelues ; for God by his t Exe,20,435 word forbad them, t eyther to make or ufe any manner idoli or fimilitude upon payn of his gealous indignation. There- fore when they had made a reCeinblance v Exod.32. and meinoriall of their V God , that brought diemout of the land ofEgypt ; xPf.zo6,zo. and turn d him their x Glorie into the lì- miiitude of an oxe that eateth grafpe : y ruerje zz then were they eíheetned to have y for- Z Ne .9,1s. God theirfiviour,and z commit- ted great blafpheinies; & for that a finne a Exo. 32, manyof theirs died, & all of them b had b tierfe Terre zo. ben rooted out,(with c Aaron hinafelf,) Dsat.9 20, but that Mofes flood in the breach , and by