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C CIAP. VIII. 91 by his inflant prayer, turned away the d Exe. ;z,ii Lords wrath from deflroying them. 3142.. dent. z 6. Againe when Ieroboam the king 912S,z6 ofIfrael had fet up fignés for the people ice toworship their e God (as they thought) IKing.I; that brought them out of the Land of 2.7,z8. Egypt ; becaufe they were in the Lords account but f Divils, and fo all that fol- f 2 dun. It lowed themworfEìped Satan, and not 15. God , yea the people inthat eílate were g without the true God : therefore he g zChro.I$, ceafed not both by h do&rules and judg- 31:1 meats to keepe and reclaime his people 47c. from them ; warning 3 Iudah not to fin , though Ifrael played the harlot ; & for- aCmuch as Ephraimwas joyned to Idols, they irotild k let him alone ; & not' feek k verjc I7. Bethel, nor enter into Gilgal,nor goe to Amos 5, 1. Beerheba, ( which were the places of publickworfhip among them, ) but to leeke the Lord , and they fnould liue , whereas sn all thofc f toners of his people mAmos9,zo mould die; Buenas Ieroboams houfe,for his rune was n rooted out and deíhroy- n I Kï'313s cd from the face of the earth. 34. 17. As the Prophets thus, witneil`ed unto Ifrael in their ieverall ages : fo our Saviour