Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

92- CHAP. VIII. Saviour Chrift whenhe came , with his Apoflles,firfl laboured to keep: &with- draw thepeople from the fervice of Di- vils and idols, whither moreopenor fe- rret. For as he appeared for this purpofe o r Iob.3,8. o that he might lcofe the works of the Divil, &was that promifed feed, which fhould crufh the ferpents head : fo did p Mat.4 he firfl himfelfe hand ro hand Pcoinbat with Satan, refilled his tentations, over- came and put him to flight , and would not admit ofany communion betweene gMar. z,z4, . the Fiends and him , nor fuffer.them to 34. fay fo much as that they q knew him. He r Luke4, 4i 1 difpollèlled them ofmany men , over & 8, 27 whom they tyrannized , and cómanded fMat,ao i, his fdifciples to doe the like; and ceafed S. not this warre,till fatan which had ufilr- ub.12,31, ped the princedome t was call out .euen to the death did he renil vHeb.2,r4. him,and byvdeathdeflroyed himwhich had the power ofdeath. For though in Ioha.74,3e him the Serpent could finde X nothing, yet for his chufens fake he endured all y Co!of.,rs things \ till hehad fpoyled Y the princi- palitiesvand powers,and triumphed over them in his croire : thus teaching us in his