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o Rbm.; , zo p Caf.3,2z. verire 19. >r Gal. t G4.2, z; . v Atf.4 x Gai.3,24, z4 y 7Trti3ayw- O.. Gat. ;,1;. ;4 CHAP.. XI. by thecorntnandement , and theoLaw entred , that theoffencemight abound. Therefore P can it not bikeus Life, ney- ther was it giuen to that ende, but was added unto the pzotnife of grace by C hrift , q becaufe of the tranfgi ell-1011S ; and by it cometh r the knowledge of finale ; it alío cundèmncth and curfeth fall finne and limiers , and t through it are we dead unto it , that we might fine unto God. For the terrours thereof for-, menting our íìnfull foules,weare forced to feck refuge from Gods wrath in fonae other which we can not finde vin any but in Chrift,whomGod bath propofed to be the reconciliatto for all our fins, whomwe apprehend by fayth ; andun- till fayth come are x kept fail , and as it were locked up under the Law,whereof we haue this excellent ufe andbenifit , that it is a 7 child-leader orfchole-mayfier to bring us unto Chrift. In whom the juflice ofGod is fatisfied for all our raj:- pat-Fes by his death on the tree`, whereon he was made z a curie for us , and redee- med trs from the curfe of the Law. And fo our f tines, which were imputed unto him,