Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP. X I. 135 him , null nomore be imputed unto us, but forgia.len for his fake, and that blef- fednrs commeth on us, which is written, a L'lcled are they whofé iniquitics arefir- as gium,, andwhof f rmcsare covered, ble.lied is tf}ß man..) to whom the Lord imputedi sot. finne. YeaGod , as he irnputcth not but b }ardoneth finne,fo, t.iUth he impute v jtt flice or righteoufi:es ;to us wtllotrt works ofours ; .becaufe Chri{i fcitild all rzghteaufi?,es for us that beImúe , and we f Yall be found.e.ïn. him having Our ow riej41Ce , ti3J,i"`ii:'h 7s of the Law , but that which is through the Fa,yth' of Chráfi, euen, the jufr;ce whçh is of:God throughFaith. To teach us this , _0.he, d firfl man whotn Mofes rr.ent onc:11 to hauebelceved the Lo°r'd, he p.efe11zly adçr- neth -with this gracc,Atlar God iy:zyted, t/.iti., t;0 him ir,LilLe.l nV h4 being the e Father ofall bclecvers;t';Iat is writ- ten. f foreus.alfo , unto :w;acxan.1.:ee. ízall,bc ia.ri_pa.ite+d for jafflice in like wc:ifè. Thus are we g jufliheçl by Faith,' w:thout the works of the 1.4w; ye,a Faith is come in place of all roodworks , as Chria hatli fâyel, h This is the workeof gcd,#9A, lee Rom. 4)7s veaJe6. C., . d Abraba.m , e Rom 4, ' 6 f 3 24 g R.orra., 28 h tohn6