Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP. XL ,yee beleet e in hian thorn he bath J nti; this 4.1 Job.3, z3 alto is his comtnandetn:nt, i that we be- teen in the nameof h.s Son Iefus Chrifl; k 641. 5, I z, w horn he that hath , k hath Lift , and he that hath not the tonne ofGod hath not lEz,e33,13 L fe : but who fo t trufteth to his own, and comet treth inicu ty fhall Purely dye , as fayth the Proph;t. Thus line we by fayth in Chri(l, & that m Hab.z,4, heauenly oracle is fulfilled , m Thejísfi 141.3, r r. 113411 lice by his fu,yth. z 2. this Life and grace, is oneeo donof that everlaffing covenant which our God path made with its ; and fayd . He&. S, i' n Jwill bemcrcifiill to their vnrighteoufnes , will remember theirjinncs and their ini- lrsities 219 mare. And being thus jufFFfi- o Rans.1;t. edby faith,we °hauepeace towards G33 through our Lord Iefus Chrift , whom,: p i,â 4z,5. he P hath ;iuen to be our covenant and 9r,,i S io9 our light; he 'i hideth his face from our fìnnes , and wipeth away all our iniqui- ton ;3, 24. ties, acid fayth, r deliver them that they goe not downe into the pit, for I haue fsmn, zs, zs found a ranforne. Yea now he f f:eth no iniouitie in Iaakob, nor tranfgreIlìoti 1 in Ifjaell the Lord his God is withhim, and