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CHAP. XL 137 ánd the joyfull fhout ofa king is among them; though the fumes of Iudah be fought for, t they fhall be no more t found,for the Lord is mercifull to them whorne he referveth , he v bathwaled v the filthines of the daughters of Sion , 4 their tranfgretTions are put -away as a cloud, and like a mift,their finnes are all calf into the, bottome of the fea. For x this, the Sain&s doe triumph and fay, Y who fhall lay any thing to the charge y of Gods cho fen ? it is God that juffifieth who (hall condemn ? we will x goefor- z ward in the ftrength of the Lord God , we will make mention of 'thylufhhce,euen ofthyneonely. And thus is fulfilled the layingof the Prophet a 'The wholeBede of Ifraell fhell be jußifled, and glory , in the Lord. 13. Yet is there alfo further grace perteyning to life and godlines giuenus of God, even our Sxnffificationi where- unto he hath b called to , and whichwe attaynunto c by fayth in Chrifl. For the brace of God that bringeth falvation un- to all niet, and hath appeared; doth teach us that we fhould deny ungodly- I 5 ne's Ìer.5o, 2®. 194,4,6' 4, 2,2, 23. Mic.7, 19 ROM .S,33 Pfa.7=, ;6 a Ifa 45,Zs. b t Vief:4, 7.