Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

X35 C HAP. XI. nes and worldly iuíls , & that we mould hue foberly..and tighteoufly godly in 0Rm. 6,x. this prefent world , and not e continew f ìfa.3, . Hill in finne, thìat. grace may abound.We are thepeople oftGods holynes, and he gt ev 2zs z will be g halowed among us, he theLord bt:lLe 36,25 loth iunaifv us; he powreth h cican wa- ter upon us , that we may be cleans , cb. Io, zz. i f prink led in our harts froman evil con- lcience , And waflied in our bodies with Eyck, 36;, pure water; he k taketh away the {ion); z. heartout ofopr.body , and givethusaid I ^1crfi 27, heart offleín,he I putteth hisspirit with- in us , and cl.ufeth us to in his tla- tutes , to keeps his judgements and doe mE<:29. 37, them, that we be m polluted no more 23. with our abominations , nor any of our n: Lcv.a9,2 tranfgreffions ; and fayth tintous, n Tee .,(hall be holy , fir I the Lordyour god yam, holy. And this is another conditionof leis gracious covenant with us , as it is o {deb. 8 written, oÌ wi/l but my laws in their mind and inheir heart 1 will write them,, and 1 will be their god , and they f !sail be mypeo- ple. i Of this Sanaificat;on there be _two'part3,wh ch they that long after life and