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CHAP. XI. '39 and to fee goodBayes, mutt feeke ; firíl, P iPet.g,iv, P ro echcw evill , z and to doe good. Theway to attain thefe, is by the q death q Rom.6, ;, and buriall of the oldman, the corroiti- 4, 6. on of nature; and the refurre&ionof the new : that fo being r dead unto finne,we r vcrfe it may be aloe unto God , in Iefus d h uhf -our Lord. The old man , or. bo r finne, is the (whole man foule & r body, f 1013.3,6,3 t t I a.4o,c5, as he is borne,by naure, Ouen all lefh, t éí. 6,7 and all the grace Sc' glory thereof,whicfi. the Spirit of the Lord mac blow upon,. and caufe to. fade,as the flower ofgraffe,, that then an:may be borne aga:ne, and made anewcreature , eaen borne V of y IoTm i,; Cod. To worke this w.endrous change inus , the Lord giveth two fpeciall gra..; ces; the t Feare,and _. Loge ofhis name; by the one to refireine usfroth evill, and by the other to allure us.unto good. ;. The Feai'4 of the Lord,as it is the x r j. 1'1,14 x;beginning ofwifedome; fois it y the welfpring ofLife , to avoyde the fnares -of death, and.many'graces flow from IL -into our foules, of which this is one principall, (asSalomon fheweth,) that, z by the Fcare ofthe Lord we departe from z Chap. i6,6 evil!.