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140 C'HAP. XI. erg. Therefore is it joyned and corn. 2PÌa1. i,1. minded with the a worfh bpfal.z,rx. of the Lord, and is thefecial ende of the giving of the Law unto us , as God f fa d co Mores c t c DrKt,4,xe Y l L , Gather me the people togither, and I will caufe them to heave mywords thwt, they may leïrne to Feare me,all thedayes that they (hall hue upon the earth, It is joyned in particular with many precepts, for a rellraint to keepe d Lev.z , x7 us from evill, euen againft mien; as, dO - prefl'e not any man his neighbour, but e ;serf ;6. f ;ate thy God ;.e thou fhalt take no ufury of thy brother , but malt f are thy God; f ete 43. thou f (halt not rule over him cruelly, but alai t f are thy God ; g thou (halt ho- nour the perfon of the old man , & f are bvefi 14. thy God; h thou [halt not curfe the deaf, nor put a gambling block before the blinde, but.fnalt feare thy God. his alto the ende and efred of the Gofpell > zer, 3 z, ;9, whereby God i giueth us one heart and 4s one way that we may feare him for e- ver , and putterh his Feare in our harts that we fhouldnot depart from him, but zeor. i x being carefull circumfped in all our . wayes .knowing k the terrour of the Lord,