Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

C;:`"3 A P. X I. 149 we t:n:1y haue felloivdNp with the tor' d. flìirit, who having thus 'decked us , w the garMenrs of t>>.:wtic and glorie, 'vith n:etc;,7 and falvatfon tllroitgh fà.yth in his n.Tn2c',doth then t _Pelts with that holy fpirit ofPromlie, Which is the ex- esf of ot:r inheritance,untill the`redem- t ti on of the poffe:ilîon ,purcliaf`r.{ ,(the full redemption ofall 5ainas,) 'unto the };ravft of lais vlorie.?'«r as he: l:ath. 7 cho ítn us inChrili before the .of the S.- úrld , that we fjÀoula "be holy and without' blame before him in loue : Co having. tifecluallv called , jufl:ficd , and fale,`:iicd us of his itnCpeàk-able <race, he givCth us alto certainty arad aífuranée of x our elecl-on, that we (hall never fall from ,4,1or be foriaket3 ofhim.. Fo.:the fCedc, whcCewith we aie ol'P,f: anew , 3S an Y immortzll feede , which Can never dye, and this ,edc'L re:r.ay,tii in us, to t_r liecpc us from Innc: and tf °,v Inne:,we haue an a advocate with theFathér,eue:n Yefus Ckill the jt7tt, who maketh cflîon, & prtiyetli for tts thal'òur b faile not he alfo piveth us rep'entance. vii?ru life, and wórketh In us godly fo- K 3 low c Fprie. ih I4. y vers 4. x 2Pet.= , Yo y xPct.I,Ñ3 z Ilobr, 3,9. alIo;,u:,i b I.vk 22, 3= c .a1 I T $.