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d z Sim. 7, 24. e Rom. ir, ZSt . gier.32,4`0 . h Tod. ;.,z6, 27. i rTh+eJ.S,s. k veiJe9, l Rom. 8,38, 37 150 CAAP, XI. row fer our rnifdeeds ; fo we arerenew - ed by repentance dayly , and revived by faith, knowing :hat God hath d ílaI li(h- ed to himfelfe his people Ifrael,tt behis people for ever, andhe is their God, his gifts & calling are e without repentance; he that hath begunhis good work in us, will f perform'e it unto the day of Iefits Chrift: for hebath madearil; everlafting covenant withus, that he will never turq away from us to doeus good, and hath put his feare in our hearts , that we {hall never depute fromhim; and hash fayd concerning us by his Prophet,h Mypeo- plefballnever be- of1i med. Thus the i hope of falvation is for anhelmet upon our heads;for thatGod hash Inot appointed us unto wrath, but toaobteyne falvation by our Lord Iefits Chrift.; and we re- joyce with joyunfpeakable & glorious, beingperfwaded i that neither deathnor life , nor Angels nor principalities , not powers, nor things prefent nor things to come , nor height nor depth nor any other creature , íhall be able to feparat us from the loue of God, which is in ChriaIefus our Lord. a .Our