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CHAP. XI. 1si /3. Our God it is which thus m fta- ni 2 cdv. L, blitheth us in Chrift, and hath anoyned 2:, .z. us, and alto sealed us ; and giuen the earneft of his fpirit in our hartes , cuen the fpirit of adoption whereby we crie unto him nAbba father;&of us he fayth nRam8,15 o 7hvspeople hate Ifirmedfir my f ffe, they otJa.43,2 Z gall fhew forth my pray f . And being thus furnished with his graces , we findeand l`ale the fweetnes of that fellowíhip S communion , that we haue with him in Chriil Iefus and by his fpirit. 14. This communion the fcripture fetteth downe by fimilitude ofWorking, and dwelling together. For God bathpro° coifed PI will walla amongyarn, and I will p your god, andycTrull be ntypeople ; and for his ila.bEtation, althougk filleth 1Cr.23,24. heartens arifd earth , and the r ['caucus of Kin. 8, z he,uens arc not able to conteyne him, r being conGdered in his infinite tzjajeftie: yet abafethhe hirnfe.ife to converfe with us that dwell in houfes ofclavas he faith by the Prophet , f 1divez'l ix, thehigl and f/fit 57,17, holy plaee ; with him alfö that is ofa con- trite andhtsnhle fßirtt, to revíge the fit of the bumble , and i-ogitte li f t4o them tbat are K 4 ofa