Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP. I. X63 cxercife, wherebyman is fo bold , as to cotne unto the throne ofdace, & talke with God, is his corrrnandement,which fayth , mcall upon me in the day oftrouble ,1"Pf o, I Will deliver thee and thoujhaltglorifre rne; Il Call unto me, and I Will anfwer thee , and 10,33,3 f m theegeate and mightie things , Which' thou knovccfi. not. Moreover hewilleth us to o be nothingcartfull,but in all things o to lct our re-quells be filmed unto him inplayer anti fupplìcation , with giving of thanks, yea P to ptav continually,and, I Tbef4; in all things to g'.uìe thanks, bccau e this 17,18. is the will of God in Clhrift lefìs to- wards vs. 34. To guide us in this action, he hath giucn usoutward u.ftru son i in his q LatSS. 5 word, that we may askeaccording to his will ; with airurance, that r whatsoever r 1 Iii ,5,14 we foaske, be hcarethus , and w e haue 1 i the petitions that we delire of hits. He giveth Lis all() inward aillfiance by his 1pìrit, which fdwelleth in us , end is the f Rom. 8. fpirit of the t adoption-of- (onus, where- t funfe 15 by wecryc Abba Father; which fpirit al- to v helpeth our infirmities, (who know y .womb?; zog not what to pray as we ought) and it felf L makers