Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

164 C IÏAP. xI. maketh recluef}s for us , with fighes and groves unutterable. Thus powring out Ñae.ri To upon his people ( as he did promii ,) y .D+i?IV1 X the fpirìt ofgiace & ofy fupplications, and furnrfhing them withgifts for this heauenly worke,he heareth and granteth zpfal. zo,r7 their regLief s,as David fayth, z Lord thou heareft the defireo f thepoore , thou prepare/t their heart, thor4 bendef thyne care. 5s. So when we call upon the Lord in our trouble, and crye unto our God, appi. z8.6 the heareth our voiceout ofhis temple, andour crie comes before him into his ifa.65,2.4 sen.2,4,15, eares; yea b before we call, he anfwer- eth; andwhiles we fpeak he heareth; for c Hcb. To,19 by c theblood of Iefus we may be bold drob.a6,z4 to enter into the holyplace , and daske the Father in his name, and we fhall re- Mona. s 2 ceiue that our joymay be full ; the fpirit ' alfo e maketh reoueft for us , according to the will ofGod;and he that featcheth thehearts,knoweth what is the meaning ofthe Spirit ; & the odour of our pray fPfi!. i41, z ers,cometh up as the fweete f incenic be- fore him, being perfumed with thofc o- dours that are cl=ued with the g prayers Rcv 83,4 ofall fäinds , out of the Angels hand, that