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C -IIAP.: XI. TO that At3cel h ofthe Covenant ; who is h Mat.3,r now at the ril-it-handof God; .1 adma- , Rom.8,34 kcth,requeft a'lI'o for us. . 36. Thus. the Sainds haue accei unto God, and >12eer.e com112L111:on with him in pl'ayer; .tl:3:o:1 ;h the wicked k call.k f, i44 not upon him , or if they call, he 1 Ilea- 'roll themnot. 1 heir.olden nl vials are IIOh.9,3 . ti n ev 5,6. full ofodours., they l. delightin thc Al- , Iob zz,z5 ,n}ighty, lift up their faces unto God, 27. they.make their prayer unto him , & he -hea.reth them, and they pay their vowes, f:lyiu;, o Iwii.l rhanke thee for thou haft opf.zY heard- me , andhzft Keene falvation : P Bletféd .bc God, which hash not put p pfa.66,.p. ..l?ac:k illy prayer, nor his -mercy from me. . The fruitsthat come, unto us by this holy cerci are iraoe then can be_ told; thole being i.nfinire occa;ons f-ïom day to dzy, making revel to. the !Lord, o nd filling our mouthes fours ofprayfe for our fzivat;oiis. Ad- mirable is the force and valour of this aaion, which p.eircetli the heauens and cometh unto God , and prevaileth with him, in q whlrfoever wr ask acco:.-dia; ; Ior'.s Y4. L IO