Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

a Mir.1,7 brf 14Q,t4 C PI T,4. t.64 CHAP. XL tö his will, ifvre ask in faith, cud r waver not: for he is neere to all that call upon bim,f to all that call upon him _n trueth; and fulrilleth the ddîre of them that feare him, unto whom he bath p.ron,i- fed, v Open thy mouth Wide and gill -i'1 it. HereuponMotes fayd, n tiVl,& na- ttòs is fo great , unto Whom theClodscome f neere unto them, as the Lord or god is neere uaito us; in all that tie call unto him r?And ifhe he fo neere tmto every one ofus; let is know alfo , thatt will be our good to draw necre unto him, and to fay x revue thott us , and we will call upon thy name, becaufe Y thou heareft the praycr,unto thee ch'Ji all fie(h come; truft in him alwayes ye people , z pour out your harts before him , for God is our hope; d r godWill heare 38. By all theie things (and mai!y o- ther the lke, ) we may ire how God hath b exalted the horn of his people, which is a prayfe for all his Sains the fonnes of Iiráell , a people nacreunto him; unto whom he hat a giuen c mar great & precious promo es,thatby them they could. ,bc partakers of the godly 4 Patti e !1! _