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CHAP. 1. 3 when in the fcripture he calleth them y 61.97,7. yGods. And for this their excellent t th heb.z,ó creation, he requireth of them zprayfe &hcbr2, and glorie ; which tholeheaucnly foul- 7. diers cheerfully a performe to the Lord z FfalT49. ofhofts,ofwhofe glory the whole earth 1,2,5. is full. a Luke z,i; 3. Gods favour vntO inan about allils' 6,;° earthly creatures , appeareth in the goodly frame and fafhion , firf: of his body madeof b earthly mould in adr i- b Gen, 2770 rabic cornelynes, bewty & proportion ; & with alfuflicient furniture offeuerall members , for his owne de and fervice ofhis maker. He is fo clad c with skin c lob to, =x. & flefh , & joyned together with bones and fynewes ; the veines and arteries are fodiffpread over all , and every parte fo cunningly framed,in filch curious weile that the Prophet comparethhis fafhio- ning to an d Embrodery beneath in the d . +ftp earih;and minding this excellent work- pfa.i39,xs ti manihip, fayth unto God, e 7 Will pray e roer. =4. thee,fir 1 am f arhilly Wonderfuly made, Into the body (the houfe offclay) God f did infpire the g breath oflines, and the g G0,317. Man became a living foule ; for the breath