Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

hid;3;)4. iPP9. 20, 27. k Iob.35,;6 16en. i,3=. m Idem a 6. 3john.S,7 n Gen. r, 27 oCol.3,ro. eeclef.7, 31. pEph.4, 24 qGen.r,28. r chap. 2,r9. fDeit.41 19 t Gcn.1,28. y amt. 2,is. 2.2. 4 CHAP. I. breath of the Almightie gatehire h life, and this breath or. rninde of man, is the light or candle of the Lord, whichfear- cheth all the bowels of the belly. This fpirituall & immortali fubflance fo in- fufed , hadvery fingular & gracious en- douments of k wiièdorne , vnderfland- ing,w ill, &many affe&ions,all i good : for the holy mTrinitiehadconfulted to- gither to make him an excellent crea- ture; and fo the mandid carie the image of God , n for in it he was created. He had o knowledge,, righteoufilesand ho-. lynes for performance of all duties to his maker,andhis fellow creatures; and this in p trueth fimplenes and finceritie. He had q rule and foveraignty over the earth and feas, & all the plenty of them; he knew the hidden nature of thecrea- tures, & gaue them r names accordingly; this worldwas made for his fake, euen the glorious f Sun andMoone & flarres for his ufe & feruice. He had the t bief- fing of the Lordvponhimfelfe and the creatures under him ; a v help like unto himfelfe made,andguenunto him , for comfort and procreation of his kinde; a gar-