Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP. I. 5 a x garden ofdelight, full ofall pleafant x Ceti. z. 8. fruits, planted by Gods owne hand, for 9° to yieldhim food& folace ; he was all honorable inwardly &outwardly, there wasnothing in foule or bodie whereof ÿ Idenr..z,25 he might be Y afhamed ; for he was the z generation and a glorie of his God, he a is -17,zs had giucn hire b life and grace, and his ;, vifitation preferued his fpirit. blob. o,it 4. And God which made all things C for his owne fake , made this earthly c Pre. iß,4. king to behis fubjeec and to ferue him wherefore he communicated with him his word , informing him how to walke both in body and mind obedient to his will. For outward exercifehe had the garden to adreífe & to keepe;for inward d Cen.z,r5. córemplation,the feuenrh day efanUified e verfc 3. as a holy refl : and two trees beforehim ofdivers ende & ufe, rho one f of life,by f verve 9, the eating wherofhe might haue hope to line in God gfor ever¡die other ofknom- g cha. 3,22. led o f food tT evil , the tafling whereof would bring him unto alluied h death, h Gert.z, with all his pofteritie. Thus Godgane a law to man in his innocencie, and requi- red obediencewhichwas eafy to be per- A ; formed;