Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

6 CHAP. Y. formed; whichhegraciouflywould ac- cept; for which,his bleflînglhould haue abidden , his favour and light ofhis face haue íhiined gill upon him continually. ]Pfa.zo4,3F.-Then did theLordirejoyce in his works, kFrov.8,3t. & his Wifdonge krook Iì lace in thecom- palle of his earth ; peace was betweene 1Pfa.r S,to him and h s creatures,all his works 1 did praife hiin,&: his Sainfts did blellc him; mDb$8,7. the m flarres of the morning fang prayfes togither, and all the fonnes ofGod (the Angels) rcjoyccd. S. And then force beanies of the in- comprehenfible light and joy and Tweet focietie, which the Father Sonne &Ho- n Prov.8.30 ly Ghofi had fromall eternitie n among john i 7,5. thetnfèlues in the unitieof theGodhead, were communicated with thofe princi- pall creatures the Angels Sc men; whiles oMat, z z, I o the one forte did ° aiwayes behold his face inheauen, the other enjoyed his fa- vours in paradife: then alfo was fweete harmonie (Sc.- moil comfortable fellow- p iob 5 fhip, peace &amty P betweene the crea- tures,for their mutuall delight & c6 o- lation; without divifion discorde or en- mity.therewere no hateful' fpirits made to