Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP. I. 7 to rebel! againfiGod,to rempt& torn & man , or mifufe any other creature. No death difeafesor calamities tomoleft the; no terrours todriue them from theirMa- ker, no guilde fearer to afflid the foule, no noyfome lulls to reigne or rebell in their bodies ; nor any other meanes to hinder or dif}urbe the peaceand com- munion,or caufe jars and debate among all or any Gods handy workes. v. But force of thofe fonnes ofGod 9 zPet.t,4 . the Angels,foone q finned; & abode notjohn 8, 44. in the trueth , neyther kept their firll e jkdevol. 6, flate;butforfooke their owne habitati6, where they dwelt in bilkwith God : & fo became the caufes of their owne end- idle and unfpeakablemiferies. For they hauing fallen of their owne accorde ; werenot holpen nor r (pared , but for- r z Pet.2,4, faken of God, feparared from the other holy and eied Angels, thruft out of hea- ven , and boundin bonds of erernall night and darknes , to be referved for judgement at theappointed rime. 7. Thefe Spirits , being of Saint}s becomevncleane Diuels,hatefuli to the Lord, impenitent & malicious in them- A 4 felues;