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f oh. 8,44 t Gen.3,i,2, r,rc. YRam.s,ia, 15,15. Gera,3,14> 15--17. yRom. 8,2* erc. CherKbiris gen. 3 2,1) 2 CHAP. I. ielnes ; fell alto to be fmankillers euen from the beginning; and liars againíl the trueth of Godsword,tailàulted our fail Parents, the woman by the Serpent, the man by the woman ; & by fubtiltydrew them into tranfgrefhon ofGods playne Law, and fo into the snares of fnice and death : and this Toone after their fearing . in paradife, as byMotes narration Both appeare.For which willing tranfgrefhon, whereby thole our progenitours wrap- ped V thernfelues 81/4; all their offpring in everlafting woe and wretchednes : the communion and peace betweene God& man, was footle difanullecl alto 8z with all earthlycreatures for mans fake.Then wasGods Xcurie pouredout on the head of that olde Serpent 4 his-wrath into the world ; where the creature became ' fubje& to vanitie, Man which had h;d himself from the face ofhisMaker, was found out,arraighned and judged for his difobedience ; was thrufi out of the gar- denofpleafiire , and the holy z Angels kept him from the treeof life. Thus was his happines fuddenly changed into u1ifrie : in 10.bour and forow tó ípvende. his