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CHAP. I I. 9 his dayes , till the fpirit goe out of him veto God for judgement ; & the body returne to dull. fan (that is) in honour , and ronder9andetb not ; he to the bßaiis,thatperifh. Plae.49,2o. CHAPTER II. Of the horrible nzferies that Diails and menfell into,after theyhadfor fäen god. Hat wee may the better dilcerne Gods g raceunto us inChriil, who hath freed, us from all calamities , and reftored us to a :aloft happie hate , from whichwe t -tall never fall: let us take a view more particularly of the many mi- feries , which finne did bringe vpon the Creatures ; fo will the benefit ofour re- demption appease moa precious , our hearts thall be filled with gladnes , and our mouth with fangs ofprayfe, to him that pathPaved us from fo great a deltru- tion. 2. The Divill having willingly re, belled againft God , repentednot ofhis wickednes,but being full ofmalice, fet hirnfelfe as an enemie againi the Lord A 5 and