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C HAP. II. iG and their full meafure oracoinplifhment is of theone in this world , of the other in theworld to come. S. The fiat finof manwas as venim, that foddainly fpread it felfe into all the powers offoule and body: and fubdued thé all under death& corrupti6 fo foon as the ferpent hadbitten him. And as he was the roote of all mankinde ; fo did the contagion alfo fpreade into all the brancheshis children. By g his d.ifobe- gRom.5,19 dience many were made fanners, and be- h tier. 15. came hdead; euenby the lone offence of i ver. 16. that one man was the evill propagated unto k all men, to condemnation : who kver.i s. now being evill by nature, could ney- ther 1 fpeake nor doegood , but dayly l Matth. ;2, wexed worfe. So that when the Lord 34. ni from heauen looked downe upon the pfat. r4, Tonnes of Adam,to tee if there were any 2.3.4. Tom. that didvnderiland,that did feeke God: 3,10,11, x 2. beholde , all were gone back , all were corrupt, none that did good , no not one ; yea euen the children n from their n rev, z2 birth and conception uncleaneand fin- pfal. 51,5,? full. 58,3. 6. The corruptionand nakednes of man