Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

eiCor.z,14 jer. 10,14. p Iohn T, 5. CHAP x man in foule, is to be Peen in the undet- flanding, which o perceiueth not, ney. ther can know the things of God; yea though light thine into this darknes, yet lothnot the P darknes comprehend it, q Dent. 29,,gthehart knowes not, the eye fees not, 232 24. theear hears not after much inflruaion: r i cor, r,zo. mans wifdome is but r foolifhnes , and whatfoever he ta.voureth in miede, is fRom. s,7 fenmitieagainft God and t death to him- tvofe 6. felf.The hart ofman,which is the foun- 1 Pr Q, d tayn y whence all thea&ions of life doe w»e importe flow; is X crooked , crafty, deceitfull a- aN thefe eviis, boueall, and wretched;defperately tick jer. 17. 9. euen unto death : fo that Y every fiction y Gen.6,5, ofthe thoughts of his heart is onely euil :C.TheraP.4.8:1212: every day z euen fró his childhood. And as the miede is without atheknowledge b Pf. ie6. zi ofGod,orb forgetfull ifit haue known c aTim.6,7. him; fo is it otherwife c corruptedin the faculties thereof,& cariedwith dvanitie. d Eph.4,17 The Confcience which all men haue e Rom.2,15, within them, to e beare witnes of their l,,5. works, this alto is fdefiled togither with the miede; & throughcuflome of finne, gYTim.4,z. and Satans effeduall working is g feared as with a hotte yron , and becomewith- out