Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

388 THE CONCLUS ION. P Tbef.z. 7 when our Lord Ieíus fhall Pfhew himfelf 8.9. z o. from heauen, with his mightie Angels in flaming fire , to render vengeance unto them that know not God ; nor obey the Gofpel of our Lord Chrifl ; puniftung them with everlaf1ingperditio, fromhis prefence,&from the glorie ofhis power; and to be glorified in his fainás,&made znarveilous in all thé that beleeue;which all fhall be where himfelfe is,and fee the bletred face of God, & there enjoy that heauenlycommunion in the great affem- bly ofall Saincas , with everlafling joy upon their heads, wher forrow&mour- ning fhall be forgotten, and all happines & pleafures poflèiTed forevermore. For Rtv. zz. delire of that day,the q f iris & theBride j'' lày, Come. And let himthat heareth, fay Come. The faithful & true witnefl'e faith, r ví7 , zo. r Surely I come quickly : Amen.. Euen fo comeLord Iefus. ßíc ;Innis a Saine, let him be f tglified MU. Rev. FINIS,