Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP. HI. 27 malciouíly drew man into their con- demnation : yet chewed he favour to A- dam and his children when it was ney- ther deferued nor asked. For of them, aplejr,4 he had a chofen to be his , before the foundations of the world, & b prepared b Muttb.zf, for thema kingdome, which it was c his $4 pleafure to giue unto them ; therefore a Line could henot be hindered,d no wifedome 32,. nor vinderflanding, nor counfell could dpYOtizi,3s preuaileagainfthim,but e his ownecoun- fell did (land for euer,& the thoughts of e rfal.33,1I his heart throughout all ages ; he alto f is 10..10,29 greater thé all,&none is able to take hi= íheepe out of his hand; therefore he fayd QEz,ec,Y6,6 vnto them, gwhen they were polluted b in their owneblood, ye shall liue; eucn when they were in their blood, he faid vnto them,ye [hall hue; I will h reedenie h 1-10f.13,14 them from the power of the graue , I will deliver them from death. 2. Yet becaufe as his mercy fhould. be magnified, his juftice alto was to be fatiffied, &death infli&ed for the tranf- greffìonofhis law; and nowmans lade. rie &weaknes was fuch,as endure death i Ìo6 irk, n `he, might, but overcome it he i could i2. not,