Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP. III. 41 ning,the garment ofgladnes for the fpi- rit of heavines , becaufeour g warfare is g accomplihcd , and our iniquitie is par- doned. For while we were h yet hnners, h Roth. s, 8) Chrift died for us ; and when we were 9,10. enemies, we were reconciled to God by his death , and now fhall be faxed by his life; for the i chaálifement ofour peace i Ifa f3, 5. was upon him , and with his (tripes we are healed; he hathkwafhed us from our k Rev. r,5 finnes in his blood,andipurged our con- i Heb.',14a fcience from dead works;to ferue the li- vingmGod;& is gone up into very heam% 111"* Z4) to appeare now in the fight ofGod for us, and there to ° prepare us a place,that n 1ohn 14, Z where he is we may he alío. From 3. whence he Will fhortll fhewehimfelfe zThe1.I, ° with his milegtieAnge1s,to be pglorifi- p tieríe IQd ed in his Bain&s,and made marvellous in them that beleeue ; who after that they haue drunke ofhis cup, and been q bap- q Rom, 623a tifed into his death and buriall,andwal- 4' ked withhim in newnes of life in this vale of tears, & r fulfilled the reíl ofhis r co!. I, 24. of ifiions in their flefh , fhall haue their f phil. `f vile bodies changed & fashioned like tohis glorious bodie, the s dead being $ Isot.15, C 5 xayrd