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CHAP.IIII. nes, We yeanddoe not the trueth : but ifWe wake in the light , as he is in the light ; we haue communion one with another,(that is, Godwith us,andwe with him:) and the blood of lefu-s 014 hisfonne clenfth as fromall f nne. For this caufe he is often b Ifdi,19, called in the fcripturc,thebSainet or Ho- 22. P.R. . 8, ly one ofIfiaeli& the c King oftheSaincts. 41, and 8s, This is to be underflood ofal three per- 18. fans in the vnitie of the Godhead; the c I¿ev.1S,3. Father, the Sonne, and theHoly Spirit, dThenom* of whom it is written d He(is)holy Gods; of the H. tri- and accordinglyhis people are named, nitie.jofh.24 the epeople ofthe Holy ones. 9. and 24, z. Mils Dan. 8, Chrif , as he is God manife- intbe Hebert. fled in the fiefh , is the f Sain& of God , the g Holy oneand the True , euen the gR vk ,2 h Holy one of Ifrael ; being himfelfe of b i,a 54, S the i Holyghofl , and therewith k bapti- Luke 4, r® feth his church, whereofhe is themedi- kmac. 3,11. ator. And was figuredout by the High Ra. 1 >S Prieft in the law,who in type ofhimwas alío called the 1 Sain&of the Lord , and 1 pfàioó,16 caned this writing grauen in goldupon his forehead, m Holines to 1ebovah. -With mExo28,3G this Iefus our rcdeemer,we that beleeue, haue avery neer communion; according D2. to