Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP. VII. 67 &weare taught, that the Word ofGod may not be forbidden to be preached unto anv people , be they never fo pro- fane or heathenifh. 6. But all people to whom z the z Ad. s,z words ofthis life were fpoken,received not life by them ; for the word profit- eth nor, a if it benot mixed with beleefe a Heb.4,z. in them that heart! it. And the b God ofb Cora},¢ this worldhath-blinded the eyes ofma- nyunbeleevers, that the light of the glo- rious gofpell of Chrifl , which is the image of God , fhould not Thine unto them , therefore they c Rumble at the c i Pet, 2,8. word,being unperfwaded; to the which thing they were euèn ordeyned; and the ambafTadours of Chrifl, (towhom he bath d committed the word of reconci- dzCer.s,y liation;) are unto fuck , the favour e of ezCor.z,z6 death unto death. They f hate the light I becaufe they doe evill, &will not come °hri tó it, leaft their deedes fhould be re- proved ; for wickednes is g fweete in g3 ° zp, i z their mouth, they hide it under their tongue, they favour it,and will not for- fake it ; therefore h abhorre they the h lob 14, It; light, and know not thewaies thereof, 17. z the