Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

P;al. 179. /SS- k I cot . I, 20. 1 fa 40, 6,7 get. I,24. I11 I CCr. I, I 8 n Pro. I, 25, 3©. o 7 cor.T,22 rom. 8,7. p Prov.7,2: ,6. 9 vole2,7. r Prov. 9318 f 3)IQ. 68 CHAP. Vil. the morning is unto,them cum as the fbadowe of death : fo falvation is farre from them , i for that they ieeke not the flatutes of the Lord. 7. Againe, bee-aufe the word ofGod is contrarie to humane reafon , and condetnneth for k foolifhnes the wife- domeof this world , & calleth men out of themfelues, making all the i glorie & grace of the flefh to fade , as the flow- er of graífe ; and leading us to Chríl a. lone, and him crucified: therefore is the preachingof the crollé,to them that pe ritti, foolifhnes, they .n defpife all wif. domes couníell & correíion, & feeke after o another wiidome`, and prudence ofthe flefh,which is enmitie again{ God and cannot be filbjed to his law; and her they follow P as an oxe that goeth to the flaughter,and as a Poole to the flocks foi corre;ion , though her q houle is the ,[ way unto the graue, which goeth dowse to the chambers ofdeath, & her r ghells are in the depth ofhell. 8. And forafinuch as many afliid i- ons doeaccompany the word offChrills patience, that on them_ which ieceiue it, the J