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CHAP. VII. 69 the t Sun of tribulation or perfecution t Mat. z3,6, often arifeth , and for it they are hated, 11 V imprifoned x exiled or killed; fo that a v2Tir. 2,9. man muff forfake himfelfe,and y take up x Rev. z,p. his croire and follow Chrift: therefore & 6,9. alfo many men at offended &aíhamed of yMark.8,34 the x teflirnonie of our Lord , and will z7im. 2,8. not be partakers of the tribulations of lake 9,z6,. the gofpel but choofe a iniquitie rather a rob 36,11. then affli1ion , & count it pleafure to line delicioufly for feafon,till eafebdoe b.prev.l 3z flay the foolifh, and the profperity of the fools deflroy them. 9. For when they thus conteinne.the 'word ; God withdraweth from them this fauour and foode of their foules, fendinga c famine in the land , that their fayre virgins and youngmen periíh for J3mos thirfl;and having caufed the funs d togo downe at noone,and darkned theearth d vc° 9° he letteth themwalk in their own igno- rance unto perdition. So Cain for his crueltie and contempt , being banifhed from the pretence ofGod; we finde not the benefite ofGods oracles to be after vouchfafed him or his , as was e unto e Gcra. %, 22 Seths politick. The like is to be minded 14 & 6' z E in j