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di Chain oaf Principles Aph. 3. I. That there was a time , when ofall the Nations in the world Greece was held the molt licentious, and Cos ninth of all the cities in Greece ; info- much as in common ípeech revellers Pergracali. were faid toplay the Grecians, and for= nicatours to play the Corinthians. Al- fo that after the grace of Chriff (who came to call fanners to repentance ) had appeared there in planting Chri- ftianity, this riotous humour was no- tably fed in falfe brethren by thofe falfe teachers, whoopened a gate to all profanefs by denying the refurretion. I I. That of fuck teachers and pro. feffours Paul (peaks in this chapter; Verfe iz. Howfay force among you that there is no re, furreelion ? and calleth upon them in the beginning of this verfe to awaken into righteoufnefs, becaufe the many and grof vapours that afcended from this herefie hadcalf them into a deep fleep, whereinall their fpiritual fenfes were bound. Hereticks may perhaps pretend to the highem (trains of devo- tion,