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118 . Chain of Principles. Aph. 3. pryers. Howeverfaith may look upon God with much comfort, for reefn to .flare too much upon him is the way to lofe her fight. When thehash tired and wildered herfelf in fearching af- ter the true God her return mull be Non ell inventus, He is not to be found, at leali not by me. Faith onely can finde him out, yet not toperfeElion nei- ther, although to falvation it may and loth. g. 5. Which is the latter kinde of knowledgeabove-mentioned,and that I am now (peaking to as attainable here. Even the low& rank of Chri- hlians, whom John flyleth his little chil- 3 John t. =3 dren are defcribed by their havingknown thefather : And becaufe the new cove. Jerem.31.33, nant runneth thus They (ball all know mefrom the leafl of them to the greatefl of them, faith the Lord. But although it be mold true, that there is a laving know- ledge of God attainable here, yet for any man to prefume that whatever knowledge ofGod he attaineth, it will certain-