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if Chain ofPrinciples. 119 certainly fave him is a mof} Throng de- Exere. t. lufion. For whereas there is a Natural and a Literal as well as a Spirittial knowledge, it will be manifeft by the fequel of this difcourfe that none is Paving but the third. The firf} is that which maybe fetched out ofthebook of nature without any further manu dution of higher principles. Antony the religious Monk , when a certain Philofopher asked him, how he did to Socrar. Eccier hxor.1,6 live without books , anfwered he had the voluminous book of all the creatures to cap. Z3. fiudy upon, and tocontemplate God in. "Be- `` leeve me p p Paid Bernard to his friend, Bern. epift. Aliquid ampli " as one that f eaketh out of ex eri- ,as c. es injÿ!- ence There is fometimes more to inaegcni i. " be found in woods, then there is in libru 't books. Trees and {}ones will teach "thee that, which is not to be learned " from other matters. The Book of Scripture without doubt hash the pre, eminence in worthby many degrees; but that of the creatures had the. pre- cedency in time, and was extant long. before