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Aph.;. vlp=.s Ata ér v atoi. eî j phi Elm Jb;cw Ë+m. Athen. Deipnofo- phift. 1. 8. AChain of Principles. known; one Stratonicws brake out into a fpeech fo empha.tical in the Greek, as it can hardly be tranflated without much lois, yet take it thus : Sirs, laid he the beam of light which I have, convinceth me that there is a God ; if any ofyou be otherwife minded, this beam of wood may fuffice tobeget in him the fame perlwalion. g. 5. But notwithfianding all this, as it faredwith the wife men from the ear, who, although they were aifi.ired by the appearance of altar that a King of the Jews was born, yet needed the prophets manudution to give themno- tice who he was and where they might finde him : fo though natural realon improved can make it appear that there is a God yet there is a necef f ty of Scripture-revelation to inform us 'ho and what he is , in regard of his E fence Subfi.fience, and Attributes; in all thefe the written word goes far beyond whatever was or could be dii- cerned in Natures reboot, and becomes. the