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chainof Principles: rz9 the fountain of that literal knowledge which we are now to treat of. EXERC1TAT1ON 3. Reafins three ways ofdifcovering God fall fhort of manifefling what he is. The expreflion in Exod. 3. 14 molt comprehenfive. A briefexpofition thereof Satans impudence. Nature andArt both unable to difcover the Trinity. What Scripture revealeth about it. Bafilsmemento. Julians im- piety. Socinians branded. The three Per.. f us com- pared to thofe threewas in Genef. 26. b. 1. Divines tell us ofthree ways, Exerc.3: whereby reafon goes to work in her enquiry after God ; but none ofthem all is able tomake a full difcovery of his Effence. The firí} is pia caufalitatis ,when from the creatures, whereof God is the fupreme univerfal caufe, reafon begins to contemplate him as their efficient, becaufe they could not make themfelves. But hi- therto it onely difcovereth Quod fit, that there is aGod ,to whom all things ow their beings ; not Qid fit what he S is.