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13o eifchain of Principles. Aph. 3. is. The fecond is via remotionís, when it confidereth the feveral imperfe&ions of creatures and removeth them all. from God, as inconfif ent witha Lei* tie. Thus it conceivethhim immortal, impafsible. impeccable , becaufe to die, fuller, fin, are imperfc6ions. But this onely fheweth Quid non fit, what he is not; {he is ftill to Peek for what he is. The third is via enainenti,e, when rea- fon confidereth the fundry perfeaions, which are fcattered here and there a along created beings and alcribes them all to God in an eminent and tranfcendent way. As when finding inAngels and men wifdome, holinefs, and f1rength , it conceiveth God tobe moft wife,moff holy, andmoll flrong.: Yet even this Both but PhewQualisfit, non quis 'mbar kinde of being God is, not Tvha is he.. Reafon for that muff be beholding to revelation. In which refpeas I. cannot but applaud thewifè anfwer of that Philofopher, (EpiEletus, . as fore report) who when his hear. ers,