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Chain of PrincipTes4 ers faid to him, Sr you have uttered ma- Exerc. 3. ny excellent things concerning God, Joh. d: Car- han but we cannot as yet underftand what caEl:olif. he is,told themplainly, Were I ablefully to fit forth God, I jhould either be God in 'elf, or God himfifceafe to be what he is. Si omnino ego Deum declararem, vel ego Deus effem vel ille Deus non foret. § 2. Were all fuch pairages fet afide as are not originally the Heathens own but borrowed from Jewifh or Chriflian authours, I fliould not be afraid to affirm, that there is one very fliort exprefsion in Scripture to wit this, I am that 1 am, which revealeth Ex°d 3. 4- more of God, then all the large vo- lumes of Ethnick writers. An expref- fion fo framed as to take inall differen- ces of time, according to the idiome of the Hebrew tongue , wherein a verb of the future tenfe as aid) is, may fignifie time paft and prefent, -as well as that which is to come. Hence arifeth a great latitude of interpreta- S 2, ttOfl;