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A chain of Principles. 161 affections of love or pity are excited, Exerc. i. as lofepb did upon fight of Benjamin. Gen, 43. 3°. Qod (peaking after the manner ofinen ureth this pathetical exprefsion con- cerning his people, How(hall I give thee .110r r I. s, up Ephraim ? howfhall ldeliver thee Ifrael? how jhall l'make thee as Admah? bow mall I fit thee as Zeboim ? mine heart is turned within me my repentings are kindled toge- ther. His people accordingly crie to hire Where is thy zeal,and thy jirength? the Val. 63. 15. funding ofthy bowels, andof thy mercies are they refrained ? Of all humanebowels thofe of mothers are the tenderefl. Can a woman (faith the Lord) forget her fuck- 'fad. 4s.= 5'. ing childe thatfhe mould not have cornpaf lion on the fon of her womb ? Yet fooner 1hall all the mothers in the world proveunnatural, then he unmercifull: for fo it followeth yea they mayforget, yet will not Iforget thee. §. 4. Well may this notion of mer- cy put us in minde of returning bow- els of love to God, according to what David laid in the beginning of Plalm Y the