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4N .0 A Chain of Principles. 163 AEI-nighty flick fo fail and the poyfon Exerc. i. thereof doth fo drink up my fpirit, that I cannot expca any mercy from. him. Know that the Lord is wont even in 11, r(ah to remember inercie : and that the Hab-l '. 3, corteaton which thou at prerent look- ell at as an argument of wrath, may perhaps be an evidence of love, and an. aa of mercy. God is not about to hew thee down , as thy unbeleeving heart imagineth, but to prune thee for pre- vention ofluxuriancy. Be lure the right hand of his clemency knoweth what- ever the left hand of his feveritiedoth. Thou had Pc better be a chaftened fon, then an undisciplined bafrard. There is no anger to that in lfaiah Why Ifai. fhouldye be liricken any more ? ye will revolt more and more: That in Ezekiel, J will Ezek, 4.z. make my fury towards thee to re , and my jealoufiepail depart from thee; and i will be quiet and will be no more angry; That in rHor. 4. 17., Hofea 11e is joyned to idols, let him alone. pitatic,:qn nova- Then is Godmoil angryof all , when nsounpei frlilintuer he refufeth tobe angry; yea there is no ilta. Bernard, Y z anger