Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

. Chain of Principles. 7 who having byhis grofs idolatry and Exerc,. t. other fins fallen from communion vvith the people of God and being defirous to have his returnBand upon record and to teftifie his repentance in that book for the Churches fatis- fadion gathers together many experi- ments of his own personal. folly, and makes an humbleconfefsion of them: whereupon he was reflored, andagain gathered into the bofome ofthe Church. So Cartwright and 7uniws. The witnefs vve feeds beyond exception. 4. 4. In his Teflimony Vanity of vanities, vanity ofvanities all is vanity, the Affertion is repeated as in Pharaohs dream, to [hew its certaintie; and the term of vanity doubled partly to manifefl the trinfcendency thereof, as the moll holyplacewas f}yled TheHo- b; of Holies, and the moft eminent Canticle The Song of Songs : and part- ly to note the multiplicity as Scri pture calleth that the Heaven of Ilea- 'Pens which, being highef1, contains many