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g Chain of Principles. Aph. t. many heavens within its circumfe- rence. For there is in the creatures a threefold tranfcendent vanity ; as may appear in that they are Firít founprofitable as to be hurtful' withall. Upon this the Preacher teems to have had a fpeciall eye becaufe after 411 is vanity, he fubjoyns imme- Eccles I. 3 diately What profit bath a man of all his labour, which he bath taken under the fun? He hath done nothing but filled his hands as it were with air , who hath been toyling all his days to replenifh Eccles 5.16. his chefrs with 'wealth And 'vhat pro- fit bath be that bath laboured för the Dind? JuIL fo much, and no more, then that Sever: Seett á. Emperour gat who having run through various and great employ- ments, made this openacknowledge ment, Omnia fui, fed nihil profuit, I have been all things,but it hath advantaged me nothing at all. Neither are they fimply unprofitable but this fore evil did Solomon fee under the fun, name- Eccles 5.13. ly Fiches kept for the °Timers thereof to their