Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

1 ," A Chain oP.rinciples. Aph. t . knowing men, faith They became hain Roin.z-zi,wz. in their imaginations and their fooh/li heart lIa/s darkned, profJsinn themfelws wife, they became fools. With men indeed a little fcience may make a great thew; but he onely is wife in Gods alum who is wife to falvation. Give me a man as full ofpolicy as was Achitophel, of eloquence as T'ertullus of learning as the Athenians were in Pauls time; If with Achitopbel he plot again; the people ofGod, With Tertullus have the poyfon of iafps under his lips with thofe Athenians be wholly given to fu- perflition for -all his policy elo- quence,and learning, 'tiemaybebold to call him fool in .Scripture-language. The learnedLogician,tivhorn Satan day- ly deceiveth by his fopbiflry, and keeps from offeringup to God reafonable fer- vice, is no better then a fiol for all his skill: Nor the fubtle Arithmetician-who bath not learned to number his days that he might apply his heart to Paving wifdome : Nor the Cunning Oratour, who