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Chain ofPrinciples. 1 who although he be offingular abili- Exerc. a. ties in the art of perfwading men, is of Acgrippa's temper himlef but almofl per, Jaded to be a Chriflian. 4. 9. I I. Enmity. The ? ifdorne o f the Ro r.8 flefh is enmity again/I God. He that cal leth it fo,found it to be ío indeed in his own experience;for Paul was nowhere more oppofed then in Greece the eye of s &s 17 v.16. theworld, more derided then at flthens the eye of Greece. Whence it is that S. James not contenting himfelf with the epithets of earthly and 14 all James 3.15. brands it allo with the name of De- vililh wifdome. What elle was Mat chievel but the Devils profeffour inpo- liticks, as .4riws, Socinus, and filch like rnaflers oferrour have been in Divini- ty ? And of fuch wifdome what other iflìre can be expected but that it fllould leade men to the Déi'il srncvrrp enter fromwhom it came where Bernard is ! i'rs feau'i alta entes, & leases them íá;T1n íSíi r the mile men terran I n{ever fa,'ienter de- b? of this world togo wi/ely doiin to hell. fcendcre in in- f rno. Dc §. io. I IL Anxiety. Wifdome is vita neither