Arrowsmith - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .A776 1659

A Chainof Principles. 4- yea Corne; buy wine and milk without moo Exerc. 4. ney and without price.. Wherefore doyefpend money for that which is not bread, and your labourfor that which fatisfieth not? Words that, betides an intimationofthe fore- mentioned truths concerning the crea- tures inability,, and the fufhciency of Gad in Chris to fatisfie fouls, clearly hold forth a double improvement thereof, one by way of invitation, the other by way of expoltulation. §. 2. The Invitation is fet on with vehemence and importunity, Ho come, but as not content with that., he doubleth it,yea Comeye, and tripleth it, yeaCome. Not Come and look on, or Corne and cheapen, but cone andbuy, buy and eat. They may be rationally Paid to Come who frequent the Ordi- nances, wherein Chrift is ufually to be found;, They tobuy, who part with fornewhat, are at fore cot and pains in purfuit of him.; They,to eat, who . feed on him by a lively faith. Care leis wretches will not fo much as. G 3; vouch-