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4.6 Aph. . A chairi of Principles. vouchfafe to Come by reafon of their oxen , or farms, or fome other impediment the Lord mull have them excufed. Formal profeffours Come indeed, but refufe toBuy, will lay out no ferious endeavours in fearching the Scriptures and their own deceitfull hearts but are merely fu- perficial in fuck undertakings. Tem- porary beleevers ( whole hearts are re- ally though not favingly wrought upon) Teem to have bought stet do not eat, for want ofthat fpirit offaith, which ingrafts men into Chriff and makes them as truly one with him as the body is with the meat -it feeds up- on. Want we encouragements to ac= cept of this invitation ? The place it felfprefents us with three. §. 3. One from the fulnefs of that fatisfaCtion which is here tendered un- der the metaphors of water, Tine, milk, and bread : the lafl whereof is implied partly in thole terms of oppofition, For that which is not bread, as ifhe had iaid,