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di Chain t f `.Principles. 47 laid ye might have had that of me Exerc. 4, which is bread indeed, partly in the verb Eat which cannot fo properly be applied to any commodity here mentioned, 'ater, wine, and milk being liquids,as to bread. Now there is fome- what in Chrifl to anfwer each ofthefe. Hisflefh is bread, his blood is wine, Jas John 6.5x. iv19tth.z6.z8, Spirit is waters his dot rive is milk. 29. But becaufe I conceive the Holy Ghoft en 7.38'39° a 1 et, z. a. in this place doth not ío much intend a parallel ofthefe, as a declaration of that fufficiency which is tobe found inChrist andhis benefits for laving to the utmofi of all thole that íhall come untoGod by him ; I íliall onely pitch upon that confederation, and by ad- ding unto this a like place in theAeve- lation, briefly demonflrate from them both how all-fufñcierit a Saviour he is. This in Ifaiab holds forth forne- what proper to every fort of true be leevers. Milk for babes, eater for fuck main Lac as are young and hot,wine for the aged, fen "m. bread for all. The other is that of Chrift