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4g AChain ofPrinciples. Aph. t. Chriít to the Angel of the Church of Lea. ;.=s. Laodicea 1 counjel thee to buy ifme gold tried in thefire that thou maifl be rich, and white raiment that thou maif beclothed and that the Mann of thy nakednefs do not ap- pear , and anoint thine eyes with eye-falve that thou maifl fee, where he commends his gold for fuch as is tried in the fire, his raiment for fuch as will take away fhame, and his eye-falve for a fpecial vertue to make the blinde fee. Take them together, and there is in them enough to fupply our principal de- feas, viz. unbelie f in theheart for which there is heregold tried in thefire, where= by we may probably underftand the grace of faith, concerning which we peter.. read in Peter, That the tryal ofyourfaith, being much more pretious thenofgold that perifbeth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto profile. And unholinefs in the life, for which there is the white rai- ment, if by it we underftand inherent righteoufinefs, according to that in the .ev,i9.8 Apocalypfe, To ber u'as granted that ¡he fhould